We strive to give each patient the very best care and prognosis, all within the comfortable and familiar environment of Arden House.

Are you one of the 20% of the population susceptible to severe gum disease? Do you have drifting or wobbly teeth? Are you worried about the longevity of your implants? We can help.

Alongside the rest of our oral health team, specialist treatment and advice, can help you prevent disease progression and give you back a healthy mouth. Having healthy gums is as important as having healthy teeth; in fact having healthy teeth depends on having healthy gums.

Gum disease can vary in severity. If left untreated gingivitis may develop into periodontal disease, which could ultimately lead to the loss of teeth or implant.



You’re in Safe Hands

Imogen Bury, is a specialist periodontist, and one of the Arden House clincial team. Periodontists are dentists who have undergone additional, post-graduate training in the health, diseases and treatments of the periodontium.
The periodontium is the name given to the specialised tissues that surround and support the teeth; these include the tooth socket, the gums, root cementum and the periodontal ligament.

Essentially, Imogen is focused on helping you care for your teeth and keep your implants healthy throughout your lifetime; treating and preventing gum disease such as gingivitis, periodontitis and implantitis.

Our dentists and hygienists all work closely with Imogen. Her specialist knowledge, expert advice, and ability to treat and manage even the most complex of cases, means we provide a full complement of periodontal treatments here at Arden House.

Different types of gum disease.

Plaque is the soft white substance that can be removed by careful brushing. When plaque is not removed and certain bacteria are allowed to accumulate on the teeth, gingivitis develops. This inflammatory response is reversible with appropriate intervention.

Early warning signs such as painful or bleeding gums can quickly alert you that there may be a problem; please let us know if you are concerned so we can help you.

As with many diseases, gum disease can present in varying degrees of severity. Untreated, gingivitis can worsen. Inflammation can increase and the bacteria spread to invade the deeper supporting tissues of the periodontium; this is called Periodontitis / Periodontal Disease.

Periodontitis involves irreversible bone loss. This bone resorption undermines the foundations of your teeth. This leads to mobile and painful teeth which may eventually be lost, leaving behind unsightly gaps.

Implantitis is a similarly damaging disease to periodontitis that ultimately leads to the loss of the implant; this too can be prevented.

How can I prevent gum disease?

Regular maintenance appointments and following the professional advice from our clinical team for effective and diligent oral hygiene at home along with a tooth friendly diet can prevent these diseases. Plaque control remains the number one goal in treating all gum disease.

Why do I need to see a specialist? How do I know I need to?

At Arden House our clinical team screen you for signs of gum disease at every examination. This is one reason it is so important you maintain your recommended maintenance appointments, since gum disease may be hard to spot and can progress silently.

Our clinicians use the results of the periodontal screening test, along with other information such as X-Rays to make a diagnosis and agree the most appropriate treatment for you.

For the majority of patients their dental hygiene needs are met by receiving treatment from our excellent hygiene team, Ksenia, Megan, Nina and Amy. Alongside bespoke treatment for you, they actively support and encourage you to continue their good work at home, preventing gum disease, dental decay and maintaining your oral health.

Unfortunately some patients have complex periodontal treatment needs; such as advanced disease, mobile teeth, long-standing or non-responding disease, or sudden worsening or onset of disease. Some patients may also be concerned about unwanted side effects of gum disease, such as gum recession, longer looking teeth, moving teeth or gaps developing between teeth.

In these complex situations specialist care and advice is required. As with any disease, if caught early it is much easier to treat, and better results can be achieved. Joel can provide you with the best opportunity of a good prognosis.

What can Imogen offer that’s different to my hygienist?

Imogen is able to carry out both non-surgical and surgical treatments for all types of gum disease. She has an in-depth knowledge of the science of gum disease and develops a bespoke treatment plan for his individual patients. Working together as a team gives you a better prognosis.

Imogen not only treats gum disease, she is also able to help treat the associated unwanted side effects that may have arisen due to the disease process. Where appropriate she can improve access for cleaning or carry out procedures to regenerate bone that has been lost. If you dislike the appearance of your gum recession you may be suitable for grafting treatment to restore the gum over the area of concern.

Imogen also plays a key part in smile design; guided by the treatment plan derived from discussions between you and your dentist he will perform any aesthetic gingival surgery required to help achieve your happy healthy smile.

How can I book an appointment?

Please feel free to ask us about Imogen and what she can offer to help you. If any members of our clinical team consider you would benefit from specialist care you can trust us to discuss this with you fully.

Imogen welcomes patients from any practice.
Your dentist or hygienist may refer you to see Imogen at Arden House. We will keep you and your dentist fully informed throughout your treatment with us.

If you do not currently have a dentist or hygienist please contact one of our team and we will arrange for you to have a consultation with Imogen.

Professional Referrals to Arden House

Arden House offers a referral service for periodontology, implants, oral surgery, sedation, adult orthodontics, smile design and facial aesthetics.

We will keep you informed of your patient’s journey every step of the way and when treatment is complete return them to you for their ongoing care.

Please note Imogen will happily work in close conjunction with a patient’s own hygienist and dentist in order to complete their treatment if this is appropriate and preferred.

Please call us on 01242 801792 to make an appointment or email us on reception@ardenhouse.co.uk to refer your patient