Dental bridges insert false teeth in the gap where teeth are missing. Restoring biting function and appearance to the mouth so you can smile, laugh and eat with confidence. They work by fusing one or more false teeth to crowns that are fixed on teeth either side of the gap. In some cases a false tooth can be bonded simply to the back of a neighbouring tooth. Bridges are made in a way that looks and feels natural and maintains the integrity of the dental arch; they are also durable and resist stains.

It is only possible to place a bridge if the teeth supporting the bridge are healthy. Implants can also be used to support bridges, this avoids the need to involve natural teeth, which is likely to improve their life-span. Now, as few as two implants can be linked together to form a stable fixed bridge – without causing damage to the remaining teeth. In some cases larger bridges can be fixed implants to replace dentures, which could even mean a full set of permanent teeth. 

A bridge can deliver life changing benefits in its own right and can also complement other dental work. At Arden House we will listen to your goals and advise you if we believe a bridge could be combined with veneers or other crowns, orthodontic work to align crowded, crooked or overlapping teeth, dental implants or partial dentures to deliver the smile and function you desire.

Before we can recommend any treatment we will examine your mouth for signs of gum disease. If it’s detected this will be treated first. Healthy gums and the surrounding tooth-supporting structures are a necessary foundation for all dental work and lengthen the life span of all treatment, including bridges by supporting the teeth they are fixed to.

If you’d like to know more about the bridges available to you, call us.