Full and partial dentures can make a big impression on your smile and facial features. They need to fit neatly so you can eat, laugh and talk with confidence. It’s important to get them right. At Arden House Dental we want to get the best possible results for you so right from the start we involve you in their design, creation and fitting.




Nowadays, even full dentures can be made to look completely natural. The materials we use, the shade, the base and the clasps all help to create the best looking and most stable dentures for your needs.

Constant advances in technology meant there are now more options than ever. We can give you exactly what you’re looking for whether you want straight white teeth or a set that show more individuality and character. You can even choose to add fillings for a realistic look.

Sometimes patients are happy with the overall look of their dentures but find the denture moves, it’s not stable. This is where a combination of dentures and dental implants can be effective. The implants can be used to stabilise the denture making the dentures more secure and providing increased confidence. We also offer other solutions for dentures that move and will be happy to explain which approach might work best for you, we’re here to help.

The simple denture process at Arden House Dental

The consultation: We start by examining your teeth and the soft tissues of your mouth. If you already wear a denture, we will talk to you about your experiences, whether you’d like to make any changes and how you’d like your new teeth to look.

Preparation: Next we take an impression of your mouth. Our laboratory technician uses this to make a customised impression tray (for increased accuracy) and then a wax representation of the new denture. If you have no teeth, they will use their skill and any particular instructions from you to create your new look.
Following the more accurate impression you ‘try in’ the wax model of your denture to check the overall look and feel. Once you are happy the model is sent back to the technician for final adjustments before finally creating your denture.

Fitting: Dentures are normally ready a week after the try in. At the fit appointment the dentist will make sure you are completely happy with the finished denture. It should look and feel just as you had hoped.

If you’d like to know more about the different types of dentures available to you or if you need replacement dentures, please contact us.