The ClearSmile Aligner is growing in popularity as an aesthetic way to straighten teeth. Feel confident when you laugh and smile. ClearSmile Aligners contain no metal wires and once in place they you’ll find they are nearly invisible. The aligners are transparent, smooth and comfortable which means that you might forget you’re even wearing braces and because they are so discreet, no one else will be able to tell either.

The ClearSmile system consists of a series of custom made transparent aligners that are used to straighten teeth or correct gaps. You wear each one for 2 weeks before moving on to the next. We will monitor your progress and often see patients every 8-10 weeks.

It works by applying very small amounts of pressure to gently and progressively correct tooth position. The comfortable, practical and flexible system is designed to work around your lifestyle, with the added advantage of aligners that can be quickly and easily removed whilst eating or cleaning your teeth.

If you’d like to talk to us, please call to book an orthodontic consultation. If we think this is the right treatment option for you, we will then arrange to take photographs and impressions or a digital scan of your teeth; from these, digital calculations are made to confirm your treatment plan, give you an approximate length of treatment time and the associated fees. We will show you digital images of the expected outcome before you start and commit to treatment.



Each aligner is normally worn for one week before being replaced with the next in the sequence. As with conventional fixed braces, the time taken for ClearSmile Aligners to reposition the teeth will vary which means the number of aligners needed to complete the course of treatment will vary from case to case. The length of estimated treatment time will be reflected in the fee and will form part of your consultation process. Whilst treatment is underway you can expect to call into the practice regularly to review progress.

Once teeth have moved to the desired position, they need to be held in place by a retainer, these are either fixed and very discreet or are clear rigid aligners, similar to the CSAs requiring nightly wear.

Sarah is a certified provider of the ClearSmile Aligner, she says: “ClearSmile is a wonderful system that enables you to achieve the smile you want with confidence and comfort. It’s kind to teeth and can be combined with whitening and other cosmetic treatments for the ultimate smile makeover.”

What one patient said:“I had been thinking of having my teeth straightened for literally years, but never found a dentist who instilled me with sufficient confidence to take such a personal leap of faith, this is…until a friend recommend Sarah Farrier.

“From the outset and initial consultation, Sarah filled me with confidence in a friendly and personable way regarding her dental expertise and ability to straighten my teeth with ClearSmile Aligners; the outcome: – in such a short space of pain-free time she gave me straight teeth and a confident smile!”

“The aftercare Sarah and the team give me is excellent. I know they have my best interests at heart and I shall remain a loyal and happy client.”
– Mr P Trotman December 2015