At Arden House embrace modern dental technology. We invest in training and in new equipment and facilities, meaning that we are at the forefront of dental and cosmetic care.

Using the latest in dental technology, we can offer you a more efficient, streamlined and faster service, culminating in happier patients and great results. We can provide:

CEREC (Single Visit Crowns)

CEREC is transforming cosmetic dentistry. This sophisticated dental imaging system allows us to make and fit veneers, crowns, bridges and inlays whilst you wait, in one visit – procedures which traditionally took weeks and multiple trips to the dentist.

Cone Beam CT

This 3D scanner will enable a seamless treatment planning pathway to reduce surgical risks and help plan your care. In particular these images are useful for implant planning and in the removal of complex lower wisdom teeth.

We are able to look in detail at your bone volume, tooth anatomy, nerve pathways, sinuses and more.

We also accept referrals for CBCT images.

Vibraject – Pain Free Dental Injections

Vibraject is a vibrating device that helps to make dental treatment even more comfortable by distracting the brain from the sensation of having a dental injection. When the Vibraject is used to give a local anaesthetic many people aren’t even aware that they have had the injection.

Digital Scanning

For accurate imaging of your mouth, without the need for messy impressions which may be uncomfortable or not well tolerated, we are able to digitally scan your teeth instead. This technology also means the laboratory can receive the information within minutes of it being taken, meaning there is less delay in carrying out your treatments. Digital scanning is most often used for teeth straightening and implant treatments

Guided Surgery

The ability to digitally scan your mouth and also take a CBCT of the bone, enables us to overlay these 2 image forms and fabricate surgical guides for the most accurate implant placement. This means we are able to place dental implants in precisely the correct position in relation to neighbouring vital structures such as other teeth or nerves and in relation to each other.

Operating Microscope – Precision Ensures Success

Our operating microscope gives superb magnification – perfect for intricate work such as complex root canal treatment,; we can look right inside your tooth, ensuring the treatment has the best chance of success .

All of our dentists also work routinely under high power magnification to insure they deliver accurate and precise treatment consistently.

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